The Lust for BBQ: BBQ Lover

Posted by Nikita 28/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Just when you think you've tried everything possible in terms of wood flavors, a new wood flavor recipe jumps right at you out of nowhere. Sometimes food lovers, "foodies" as they are often referred to - spend countless hours scouring for new and interesting recipes. Not just because they have so much time on their hands, but because they are extraordinarily fascinated by the pleasure they derive from tasty and pleasant food flavors. The same case applies to food BBQ Lovers. The love between a BBQ lover and his meal is established by taste.

A BBQ lover might be a pitmaster, chef, the fellow next door, or anyone who queues on a line to buy a piece of professionally grilled meat, and the list goes on. However, one of the things they all have in common is their super lust for BBQ taste. The sometimes unexplainable satisfaction derived from eating a juicy stake or pork ribs might explain why we BBQ lovers always want to relive the tasteful experience. Every BBQ lover should know that repeating or creating a unique taste from scratch depends on certain ingredients. This is exactly how the selection and blending of BBQ pellets or BBQ wood chunks becomes an important part of the taste creating process.

There is no doubt that BBQ wood chunks, BBQ wood Chips, BBQ fruit wood charcoal, and BBQ wood pellets, play a significant role in the life of a BBQ lover. Whether a BBQ lover, takes BBQ preparation and/or consumption as a profession or hobby, he or she must have a good, clean source of BBQ wood supply. Once a BBQ lover finds a decent source for wood supply, the first hurdle towards creating or experimenting with a newly found recipe is crossed. The next step is to figure out which BBQ wood flavor blend would create the best BBQ flavor results. Recent interactions with some BBQ lovers shows that a new and great taste has emerged from blending cherry wood pellets, apple wood pellets, Hickory wood pellets together with maple wood pellets.

In some cases, hickory wood pellets were replaced with beech wood pellets to create the same blend. It is recently considered old fashion by some BBQ lovers to smoke or grill pork, beef, game, and poultry, with just one type of wood flavor. Most BBQ lovers have stepped up their BBQ wood experiments by a set of flavor mixing rules. The most common of such rules is mixing BBQ fruit woods like apple, cherry, Apricot, and plum, with other BBQ hardwood flavors such as Oak, Alder, Beech, and Maple. In conclusion, whatever you do, wherever you are, don't stop experimenting with BBQ wood flavors, because it is always about the taste and flavor of BBQ meals. The trophies and medals are just compensations. Don’t stop cooking, don’t quit blending, keep the BBQ love alive.


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