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BBQ Wood Chunks

Smoking/BBQ Wood Chunks

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Search no further, You just found what you're looking for. Scroll through and select your preferred wood chunks flavour. Scroll through and select your preferred wood chunks flavour. 

EcoWood BBQ offers one of the widest varieties of wood chunks for Smoking and Grilling depending on our users' preferences. Select any of our wood chunk flavours for your next picnic, in order to take your food smoking to the next level.

Smoking Wood Chunks, just like wood logs, are mostly used for longer cooking and grilling sessions. Due to the higher amount of heat they produce, Wood Chunks are more suitable for grilling pork ribs, gammon, and fish.

Get the best instant smoke flavour from EcoWood BBQ. These Wood Chunks come in 15L boxes and would give your food an ideal and natural wood smoke flavour. BBQ Wood Chunks are suitable for use in charcoal grills and in smokers.

Smoking Wood Dust can be used in large quantities or along with coal for longer food smoking schedules for Pork, Beef, and Poultry to achieve a long lasting flavour. Food Smoking Wood Dust can be used domestically or for small scale smokers and grilling processes in smoking drawers of gas grills and stovetop smokers. It is also compatible with commercial grade smokers and grills. Finely processes and dry wood dust are ideal for creating instant smoke on a BBQ grill.

Please note that the price, stated in the description hereto, is the retail price. As we have changed our priorities and focused on the B2B segment lately, we offer our products starting with one truckload as a minimum order.  

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Alder Wood Chunks 15 litres Box

- When smoking fish, grilling seafood or seasoned gourmets; it feels good to know that no taste can be compared to the natural sweetness effect left on your grilled food by Alder wood smoke!- Alder ha..


Apple Wood Chunks 15 litres Box

Apple wood chunks are the perfect thing for adding apple wood smoke flavour to your foods. Apple wood сhunks for smoking give a slightly sweet and fruity smoky flavour, which ..


Apricot Wood Chunks 15 litres Box

Apricot is great for poultry and pork. Apricot wood is similar to Hickory, but it is sweeter and milder in flavour. Apricot smoking wood has a pleasant sweet fruity smoke, which is very similar to app..


Large Apple Wood Chunks For Only £5.99 75% Discount Off!!!(OUT OF STOCK)

EcoWood BBQ Wood Chunks are great for use in vertical and horizontal smokers with a firebox, for charcoal grills and so on. Wood chunks are ideally suitable for a long-lasting grilling process. They p..