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Wood Flavors

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Alder Wood

When smoking fish, grilling seafood or seasoned gourmets; It feels good to know that no taste can be compared to the natural sweetness effect left on your grilled food by Alder wood smoke!
Alder has a delicate flavour, generally considered to be ideal for fish and seafood, mostly famous for smoked salmon. Alder wood produces a neutral, balanced smoke, which makes a favourite wood source for smoking salmon, trout, seafood, and any type of meat.
Because of the neutral characteristics of Alder wood smoke, it produces a marvellous effect, when blended with other wood species, especially fruit wood. If you use Alder Wood for grilling meats such as steak, ribs and briskets, try mixing alder with our fruit wood species such apple and cherry for a delightful taste you would surely love.

Apple Wood

Apple wood is the perfect thing for adding this smoke flavour to your foods. Apple wood for smoking gives a slightly sweet and fruity smoky flavour, which is perfect for game birds, poultry and pork, especially ham. There is no room for cooking error when you use these wood with your smoker, and you will be totally satisfied with the great flavour that they give to your meats
Apple Wood is suitable for a variety of meats, but most users say that pork is the best one to use them with. Apple wood can change up the flavour of your foods and bring an interesting and new taste to your table.

Apricot Wood

Apricot is great for poultry and pork. Apricot wood is similar to Hickory but it is sweeter and milder in flavour. Apricot smoking wood has a pleasant sweet fruity smoke, which is very similar to apple and peach. Best used more often with Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Fish.

Beech Wood

Beech wood creates a delicate and versatile campfire smoke flavour, which enhances the taste and flavor of a wide variety of dishes. It’s a versatile and aromatic wood, perfect for smoking anything from sausages to strong cheeses, salmon and ham.
Try infusing Beech wood flavour with your smoker for an unforgettable aroma. Beech wood is great for smoking fish, pork, venison and other game.

Birch Wood

Birch smoking wood leaves a classic earthy natural flavour on meat after smoking. Although often undervalued by some, very valuable to others due to the unique taste it leaves on red beef when mixed with any other sweet wood tree sources, such as Apple or Cherry Wood). Birch is recommended by most experienced food smokers for cheese, Mushrooms, and game birds, as they actually bring out its flavour and taste effects.

Walnut Wood

Both Black and English walnut trees pose very heavy and resounding smoke flavour. As a result, it is usually blended with other sweet trees (Cherry, Apple, Almond, or peach) wood flavours as well. When used alone, it can leave a slightly bitter taste on the food. It is often recommended to use Walnut for smoking red meats, wild, and game. Poultry meat is also considered compatible with Walnut wood, depending on the choice of effect - Grill or Smoke.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is classified as the renowned variety of sweet wood trees commonly used as ornaments for heavy smoke woods species, or alone for a remarkably sweet flavour. Cherry wood is often considered the most appropriate for a sweet taste and flavour effect when it is used for smoking or grilling chicken. Cherry wood is known for leaving a brownish-black colour on meat, which is usually considered as an appetising effect for beef meal presentations.

Peach Wood

Peach Wood should be moisturised before use in order to achieve the best results in terms of flavour and taste. Peach wood is one of the most demanded sweet woods in demand. Peach wood is best used for smoking or grilling Pork, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, and sometimes beef. Peach smoking wood is often used for its sweet taste and fruity aroma.

Plum Wood

Plum wood is suitable for any and every meat but preferable recommended for pink meat than red beef. Peach Wood is also considered to leave an effect sweeter than that of Apple wood and Hickory wood on grilled or smoked food. Plum wood also possesses a very distinctive mild taste and flavour when used for grilling meat, mostly ribs.


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