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Delivery Information

Have you placed the order with us?

 WE OFFER DELIVERY on CIF terms anywhere in the world,

including international door-to-door delivery!

CIF terms

Our competitive advantage and also the distinctive feature of our company is the delivering Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood Products on the CIF terms to our customers located all over the world, which would no longer have to care about the insurance and freight costs by the international shipping because we will take care of everything else. 

We will assume the responsibility for the insurance and the other costs, associated with successful shipping until the goods are received by you and taken into your possession. 

You only need to receive the desired goods ALWAYS  on the door-to-door principle, specifying the destination information (the port or the place of delivery) by placing the order on our website.  

Just relax and dream of the unique wood for the best BBQ for you or your customers of the exceptional wood products, which you will be able to offer to your local customers! 

NOTE: Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to clarify any details with regard to your delivery! 

+442037696461 or e-mail support@ecowoodbbq.com