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Why the Choice of the Wood is that Important?

Posted by dev 12/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Wood Smoke Flavor,

Why is the Choice of the Wood Products for your BBQ Smoking/Grilling that important to your Health?


Have you ever thought about the choice of the wood for your BBQ? We mean, not only of the wood by itself for the fire to grill your steak but about the species of wood, or the sources, it was got from, or about the difference between the types of the wood products such as wood briquettes, pellets, dust or chunks, when it comes to the preparing meals?  


We are betting, it never even occurred to you, as, indeed, to us as well, before we got started to discover the secrets of the Wood for our customers and for ourselves. Because everything has its source in the Love, even though it is the Love to the BBQ :). 


A good restaurant chef will tell you - you will get an absolutely unique taste and aroma of your meal when cooked on the different wood. Why don't  you use this secret, when buying the wood for the BBQ or offering the wood products to your own customers such as the restaurants, smoking houses or the butcher shops? 


And what about the shape? Is it important, in what shape your BBQ wood should be formed? The professional would answer - yes, sure! Because it is not only about the little pieces of the wood, comfortable to use as firelighters or as the logs for Smoking/Grilling, but about the specially designed wood products as pellets, chips, briquettes or wood dust, whose characteristics, such as humidity or duration of the combusting, allow to strike the right technological process of the food preparation and, of course, to  bring a peculiar flavour to every specific dish by its grilling or smoking. 


We think, there is no need to explain, why you have to be absolutely sure about the eco- and health safety of every product, which you use for the food preparing or offer to your customers, doing business in catering, hotels and food service environment. To ensure the eco-friendly characteristics and safety of the products is the question number one, which is a must to everyone concerned. 


So, take care of what you use! Go for the best deal! And remember - the best does not mean the most expensive. But the best is always the most qualitative, sourced from the eco-friendly sourced and processed complying with technologies required.


And! The secret is the best is not always the most expensive one! 

For pure, ecologically sourced, properly processed BBQ, Grilling and Smoking Wood 





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