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Carcinogens? In no way! Choose the right wood!

Posted by Nikita 28/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Пов’язане зображення


Use the right wood


We are sure that you already know, how important is the right choice of the Wood Products for cooking a healthy food. And it is much more important when we are talking about such a delicate process, as Grilling. Here below we will try to summarize a lot of information to clear up, why and what wood species you need for your perfect BBQ, Smoking or Grilling.


First of all,  hard wood and soft wood products are mainly used for the different meats (and also seafood, veggies etc), so that your food absorbs their natural aroma and taste. Hardwood and softwood smoking chips are used to produce enough smoke to flavour your grilled food.


The general rules are:


  • Mild wood is the best for foods that are not heavily seasoned or sauced. Alder, apple, cherry, grape, maple, mulberry, orange, and peach.
  • Hard wood is the best for strongly flavoured foods with a lot of spice and/or sauce). Hickory, mesquite, oak, pecan, walnut, and whiskey barrel.
  • Avoid softwood chips, such as pine or spruce, which smokes a lot and issue harmful resins to your foods.
  • Hardwood is well suited for grilling beef, pork and vegetables.
  • Fruit trees like cherry, apple and peach are known to infuse foods with a sweet flavour. They are most suited for delicate meats like poultry, ham and fish.

If you are using smoking chips for the first time, try different wood flavours to determine your favourite.


However, the issue is not only to choose the right type of wood to make your meal tasty but, what is much more important nowadays, the main and the first thing, to find 100% natural and ecological wood.


GreenPro team kindly propose to you our wood products of different wood species, which will meet all your needs and tastes. When used our products, you can be absolutely sure that our wood products are absolutely ecological and of high quality.


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