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About Us

About Ecowood BBQ

EcoWood BBQ is the subsidiary of the GreenPro Technologies OÜ Group, especially launched to provide the smoked and grilled food lovers and the companies, engaged in the BBQ business, with the finest wood for smoking and grilling. 

We produce a wide range of the wood products for BBQ exclusively of ecologically pure raw materials of premium quality. 

All our products are carefully packed in the specially designed boxes, zip packs or paper bags, ensuring the environmental friendliness and ecological properties of both - our goods and our production processes. 

To satisfy the needs and wishes of all our customers, we offer our wood products for the BBQ, in particular, BBQ flavoured wood chips for grilling, in wholesale and retail.  

As we are focused on the B2B, we co-operate with a number of our partners under the OEM terms or under our brand, depending on their preferences and goals. Having chosen the B2B segment as our priority, we provide up to 60% discount from our retail price to our B2B customers. 

We are happy to announce herewith that we are close to the launch of our new product - the ecological ceramic grill for BBQ, which will be shortly introduced to our customers and available for sale by the end of 2017. 

Recently, we have also started our collaboration with one of the Spanish leading manufacturers of a zero-calories sauсes for BBQ, which we are happy to represent to our clients all over the world. We believe that these unique, healthy and high-qualitative flavoured wood chips for grilling and other wood products would be a wonderful addition to your BBQ meal.

Health and Customer Satisfaction

One of Ecowood BBQ's goals is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with any product they acquire from us. This is the main reason, why we procure all our wood directly from toxin-free and eco-friendly regions within Europe. As part of our eco-promotion mission, we get our raw materials from the reserves and sources in strict accordance with the principles of a prudent and sustainable use of natural resources only. 

We also ensure that all our products are carefully inspected for fungi, mould or any other health threatening properties before allocating them for production processes. 

All our finished wood products are subjected to ecological organic dehydration technique, which has been used for hundreds of years in the regions of harvesting the raw materials, without using any chemical or unnatural methods of processing. 

Our products for the BBQ contain no additives or chemical compounds and produce no unpleasant odour, no sparks in combustion, exceptionally a pure, healthy fire. 

Having a high calorific value and a long combustion time, they are capable of producing a large amount of energy per kilo, burn really hot, and catch fire really well.

Grill or Smoke it by yourself

Very few people are aware of the joy and satisfaction associated with the art of grilling and smoking BBQ food such as meat, fish, and vegetables independently. However, we challenge anyone to try out any of the flavoured wood we have available, with the professionally suggested BBQ recipes as well as BBQ sauce recipes in the appropriate section of our website for a smoking or grilling adventure.

If you haven't tried nature's invented and unique taste of the different smoking and grilling wood species provided by nature, then you might not know, which smoking or grilling wood source best suits your taste. Try and find out or propose to your customers to find out their own combination and create their own BBQ recipes, BBQ sauce recipes and much more,  to discover the richness and diversity of the BBQ food flavours.