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Do You Operate a Restaurant or Supply for the Wood Products?

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If you want to purchase a bulk order for high-quality affordable Wood Chips/Chunks/Pellet/Dust, you have come to the right place! There are a number of reasons, why you should give us a call right away to pre-order or order the desired wood products, the way of payment and the place of delivery right now!

We offer a wide range of Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood in wholesale! If you are looking for the wood pellets, wood chips etc in bulk, we are here to deliver it to you directly! We supply our wood products to our B2B customers on the principle of the door-to-door delivery, proving up to 60% discount for the wholesale order. Please, read more about our discounts on our website or contact us directly by email or by phone.  

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to how essential is the specific type of Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood for creating a unique taste and aroma of your dishes, which may delicately set off the taste of meat, fish or vegetables with a fruity note and slightly sweet flavour. Thanks to the secret knowledge of these combinations, you can invent your exceptional recipes, which would keep your clients coming back for more. 

Something BBQ and Restaurants' Managers Might Not Know

Very few Restaurant and Grill/Barbeque managers know about the fact that customers return, not just to relive the atmosphere but, to order and relive the flavour and taste of every unique dishes they ever tried and enjoyed, when they eat out at a specific place. The best part is that they can always tell "Who is who" and “Who does it better”. Now ask yourself, is that place yours? You know the answer. The best part for you is that when your dishes have a phenomenal taste and flavour, even your clients can't prepare such meals by themselves at home, so they don't have any choice but to eat at your place.

Outsmart Your Competitors

Feel free to outsmart your competitors today. Create your own BBQ Meat, Fish, Chicken, and Game grill recipe, by selecting a specific wood species from the vast variety of BBQ/Grill Wood Products, we have made available -----> Here.

Some of Our clients confirm that different Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood combinations can give a remarkable taste and flavour result. Others testify that using Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood has improved their grilled dishes and increased the rate of referrals and returning. Combining the wood products even makes it difficult for competitors to copy your taste or recipe.

For Smokehouses

It is exciting to know that there are thousands of smokehouses in the UK, and Scotland and Ireland put together and in the rest of Europe as well. Some of these smokehouses have sought to expand their businesses abroad by taking them to the “next level.” The next level for most companies is to move the competition ladder and create something rare, something better than the usual, and something unique. When it comes to the Smokehouses, almost every smokehouse specialist knows and uses the usual smoking techniques but not all smokehouses have been able to produce smoked food with “rare”, “unique” and “better than the usual.” Now ask yourself, is your smokehouse just one of the usual? Or you are a part of those with “rare”, “unique” and “better than the usual” kind of taste? You do know the answer.

We both know for sure that it is all about the taste and the flavour. The trick is simple, you need to change your smoking wood recipe into something better than that free sawdust with a mixture of all kind of anonymous wood. Be specific and choose the wood that can turn your business and bank account around for good. After all these years, you and your business deserve a financial breakthrough. Click here for the finest, an affordable, clean and ecologically sourced variety of wood products for your smoking operations.

Do What is the Best for your Business

But why wait for a miracle? Make it with your own hands! The future is now, Create Your Unique Taste and set the pace. Place an order now, stand out of the crowd!

Call (+‎447441912729) or e-mail (sales@greenpro.eu)

All our products are available at the both: the retail and the bulk prices. However, as the B2B segment is our priority, we grant up to 60% discount to our wholesale partners

We also have a choice-oriented variety of different package size and form in the following weight and packs: 1L tubes, 2L bag, 13kg bag, 15kg bag (all for the chips, dust and pellets) and 15 L boxes for chunks. The variety pack options are specifically made available to cater for the needs of both the home food smoking and the bulk food production/catering/hospitality clients' needs.

If you use larger amounts of the Smoking/Grilling BBQ Wood, or probably interested in the stocking up a particular favourite sort or wood (e.g. Apple, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Alder, etc.), then our 13kg and 15kg bags are just the right choices of packs for reducing your per kilo costs.

If you want us to pack the wood product in your own packages, please, specify this by placing the order, so that we could discuss the wholesale price in such case.