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Apple Wood Dust 2 litres Zip

Apple Wood Dust 2 litres Zip

Apple wood dust is the perfect thing for adding this flavour to your food. Apple wood dust for smoking gives a slightly sweet and fruity smoky flavour, which is perfect for game birds, poultry and pork, especially ham.
Apple Wood dust is suitable with a variety of meats, but most users say that pork is the best one to use it with. It can change up the flavour of your foods and bring an interesting and new taste to your table.
Our Apple Wood Dust is available in 1-liter Tube packs, 2-liter zip-lock pack, and 15 kg bags for bulk orders.

Please note that the price, stated in the description hereto, is the retail price. As we have changed our priorities and focused on the B2B segment lately, we offer our products starting with one truckload as a minimum order.  

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Volume 2 litres
Flavour Apple

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  • €6.59
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